Café en Seine


How do you generate excitement for a venue when the venue is a building site? How do you steer the narrative away from the project being a symptom of a new bubble. How do we create a new vision and a new history for a new iconic venue. How do we make such a large venue seem welcoming to everybody while still being aspirational?


We the People developed an integrated, through the line campaign that centred on a Communications Message that spoke to everyman about what makes a hospitality venue special to them; the little things, the sense of ownership – Make It Yours.

Without a physical venue to showcase we focussed our campaign on Storytelling. The stories illustrated the vision. We told the stories of the staff, of the interiors designers, of the cocktail menu designers and key to the campaign’s success we told the stories of the legacy of the iconic venue – the regulars over the years, through our Stories of the Seine series. 

Cafe en Seine Marketing Poster featuring beetroot


The relaunch of the most famous bar in Ireland was always going to achieve media coverage, our challenge was to ensure that the coverage was favourable and beneficial to the venue. We worked tirelessly to translate and interpret the authentic passion and vision by the staff management and owners, and this came across in the large swathes of positive coverage and the enormous social media interactions reaching millions.