Mobilise men to support the YES vote in the Repeal the 8th Referendum. Data showed that many
men in Ireland were planning to abstain from the referendum as they felt it was “not their issue”
and some even went as far as to say that their decision was being respectful to women.


We developed and ran a campaign for Amnesty International Ireland called Men For Yes aimed at men in Ireland to change the narrative around their role in the referendum. We framed the language to supporting female friends and family and moved it away from the fear of mansplaining or speaking for women – a legitimate fear many men had. 

We then delivered this new messaging through the reach of some of the biggest influencers on men in Ireland through social media and by placing opinion pieces in major Irish broadsheets. 


Key results included opinion pieces by Liam Neeson in the Sunday Independent and other vocal
supporters in the Irish Times. We curated social media videos from international Irish
like Chris O’Dowd and a wide range of sports stars.